Run, Shosanna’s video outputs met our expectations and reflects that they had truly listened to our needs.
— Rām Lingam - eLearning Specialist, Auckland Council


We are Run, Shosanna Productions, a growing film and video production collective based in Auckland, New Zealand. 

Our aim is to create fiction and documentary content that tackle complex characters, situations and states of mind. This was in the original vision of young filmmakers Gorjan Markovski and Christienne Jauregui when they formed the collective back in 2012, during their undergraduate study.

Our story-telling approach is bold visually and aurally. We dare to say: style is substance in itself. 

Style is what classic narratives and genres are made of. We want to address this critically without being preachy or didactic, while being cinematic and striking nonetheless. With style, we creatively explore issues that matter to us and disrupt ideas that are traditionally expected.

Like that great scene in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, we want our work to emulate tension, shock and beauty