On their last job together, two friends working as late night delivery drivers for the local mob, reminisce and reflect upon their time spent together. But what starts off as a normal night's work quickly turns into a fight for survival.

Last Late Night Ride was written and directed by Jakob Twidle and produced by Tema Pua and Christienne Jauregui. The film stars Anna Thomas, Courtney Bassett, Sean O’Connor and Romain Mereau. It took part in the Oasis Short Film Festival Screening Series and won Best Short Under 40 Minutes and Best Sound at the RTI Online Film Festival.


"Film noir has always been one of my favourite genres and with Last Late Night Ride I wanted to update the genre, throwing away the traditional and robust hetero-normative tropes in favour of a more youthful, exuberant and ultimately romantic film. This merging of a dark realism and colourful style was something I was incredibly drawn to and which drove my creative process on the project. I wanted to tell a very intimate story and yet take the audience on a fun and memorable ride as well. The story of Ant and Sid; two close


friends who, through lack of a better place or time can never fully commit to one another. They both end up being bound by some form of weight and ultimately end up with nothing but the memory of their time together. By presenting their story to the audience in this particular style, with coloured lights and pop songs, I wanted it to feel in some way like a nostalgic dream. The audience would romanticise with the characters and the plot just as Ant and Sid do."
                                                  - Jakob Twidle (Director)