RINSE (2017)

Ari is tortured by his break-up with Reuben. His life in pieces, and belongings strewn across the floor, Ari takes the first step in cleansing: his laundry. Instead, the simple task plunges him into a dangerous arena, where he meets two older men with suspicious intentions.

Rinse was written and directed by Cameron Dixon and produced by Gorjan Markovski and Sophie Todd. The film stars Steven Glyde, Josh Metcalfe, Steve Ciprian and John Walsh.

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"I went through a break-up last year, so what better way to confront and resolve your feelings that to make a film about it! I found that when you go through that initial mourning period, nothing is as traumatic as disconnecting from someone you share such a large amount of time with. In my filmmaking career, I'm fascinated with the horror genre, and felt my experience was perfect material as a


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bouncing off point into a surreal realm of loss, anxiety, and the unknown. Not your traditional horror of jump scares and gore, I am drawn to an eerie and unsettling atmosphere, for the audience to go on a journey with the character."

                                                             - Cameron Dixon (Director)