THe blue room (2017)

A young writer must confront her trauma on her first-ever interview while she fades in and out of a dark dream-like realm.

The Blue Room was written, directed and produced by Christienne Jauregui as part of her University of Auckland Honours Degree. The film stars Anna Thomas, Arlo Green and Kirsty Hamilton.

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"'Rip yourself open; sew yourself shut, but the goal is to risk being completely cut.' - from Invisible Monsters novel by Chuck Palahniuk. Creative people have a masochistic work ethic as we use emotional pain as material. I embrace this sentiment as I use my

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experience with PTSD and rework it as a larger-than-life world of my film. I aim to push visual storytelling away from realism as I sew stylism into the seams of this psycho-drama. It is my way to risk being completely cut open. The risk, I believe, is worth taking for art."

                                                             - Christienne Jauregui (Director)