In love, a mute pauper disregards his own welfare and assembles romantic tokens in the forest to win the affection of a Prince. The Prince is deeply moved, and tries to find bearer of the gifts, who he believes to be a beautiful forest maiden. Smitten, the Pauper decides to go to great lengths to maintain this elaborate illusion for his beloved.

The Prince was written and directed by Gorjan Markovski and produced by Christienne Jauregui. The film stars Romain Mereau, Mitchel Beckett, Ruby Lyon, Rachael Longshaw-Park, Alexandra Kohr and Jasper Jimson-Healey. It was accepted as part of Roma Cinema Doc, SHORT To The Point Film Festival, and The Big Apple Film Festival.


"Fairy-tales and their stories of romance and magic have always captivated me from a young age, especially in the way they are able to convey dark thematic content inside such seemingly innocent packaging. However, for a genre of storytelling that so easily lends itself to camp and whimsy, I was bothered by the way I felt the queer perspective was oddly suppressed or absent in these tales in order to achieve very specific kinds of happy endings for children. So in response I convceived the story of The Prince, about a queer


protagonist who tries to make his voice heard in this fairy tale world, but ultimately keeps his silence for another person's happy ending. I found inspiration in the surrealist style of early 20th century filmmaker Jean Cocteau whose Beauty and the Beast had a permeating sense of meloncholy and dual meaning under an enchanting surface, while in the staging and costuming I looked to silent film, specifically the painterly grandeur of Fritz Lang's Die Nibelungen."
                                                       - Gorjan Markovski (Director)