THE RED MAN (2016)

An isolated neurotic gives refuge to a vulnerable alien-like man. Strangely, she finds herself becoming an unlikely foster mother determined to protect him, at all costs, from a mysterious threat.

The Red Man was written and directed by Christienne Jauregui and produced by Gorjan Markovski & Cameo England. The film stars Katrina Rumbal, Romain Mereau & Mary Rinaldi. It has been pre-selected to take part in the New Zealand Film Awards.


"I found myself writing The Red Man with the intention of expressing my passion for mental health awareness and the importance of film and media representations of mental illness. Characters with mental disorders are often entrapped in generic psychological thriller and horror stories. Not only does this result in films that are stunted in creativity, but it also feeds into the anxieties and stigma of mental


illness. I wanted to make a short film that rang true of the complexities of mental health by playing on tropes in genre films like Alison Maclean's 'Kitchen Sink' only to elude labels. The Red Man is not another story of 'madness' but instead, it is an exploration of perception and emotion."          - Christienne Jauregui (Director)